What is 5G? How 5G is better than 4G?

5g internet

There is a new technology launched which is known as 5g networks in our industry. It’s a new global wireless standard network after 1g, 2g, 3g, 4g, networks.

Not only a person or a company invented 5g but there are many companies which inbuild the mobile ecosystem that contributing to bring 5g in our life. 5g is more capable air interface from our old mobile technologies.

How 5G is Better than 4G

  • 5g is faster than 4g networks
  • The 5g have a low latency speed which optimized a very high of data with minimal delay
  • 5g is having spectrum in it

In the forth coming time 5g will offer more than 10 gigabites per second (gbps) mobile internet speed, approximately it is hundred times faster than before networks.

Now a days our machines in factories working with very slow data transfer speed and low bandwidth. So, 5g will help to be likely smarter factories with more automation.

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