Top Meme Creator App for Android and iOS


Memes are a trend and they aren’t going away anytime soon. They aren’t just used for social media pages, they are also used by big brands all over the globe. It’s not easy to find the best meme maker app for android or iOS, as there are so many bad ones trying to make a quick buck. If there’s one thing that we can agree on, it’s that memes are awesome. If you also share a passion for building memes, then all you need to do is pick the top-rated meme creator app and get to work.

Needless to say, there are thousands of meme creator apps, but not all of them can be called the top-rated meme creator app. To help you make the decision, we’ve created this guide. In this article, we have mentioned the best meme maker app for Android and the top meme creator app iOS. 

5 Best Meme Maker App for Android

1. GATM Meme Generator

GATM meme generator is one of the very few good meme generator apps with semi-frequent updates. And it includes a gallery of meme templates or if you want you can import your own images to make memes. One of the best features of the app is that it comes with no watermark. You can get almost all the latest meme templates and the app is pretty fun to use. You may face some inconvenience with updates of the app but overall, the app is good. These features make it the best meme maker app for Android. If you want an ad-free version, then you can buy the pro version that costs $1.95 as a one-time fee. 

2. Memetic

Memetic is one of the most well-known meme generator apps. And it won’t be a stretch to call it the best meme maker app for android. There are even a series of memes revolving around the use of Memetic itself.

Like all the top-rated meme creator app, Memetic offers a library of meme templates including the latest and classic memes. You can add your own images to create memes if you want to. So, if you can’t find a particular template in Memetic, you can still make the memes by using images from your personal gallery. 

Unfortunately, there are ads on the platform and it also has watermarks. You can’t remove the ads by getting the pro version, and that’s something missing from the platform. This is the reason the app ranks number 2 on our list of top 5 meme creator apps for android. 

3. Memedroid

Memedroid ranks number 3rd on our list of top 5 meme creator apps for Android. The app is one of the older meme generators and it has all the basic functionalities. In the gallery, you can find almost all the old memes and some new memes. You can still upload your own photos and GIFs to make memes. Basically, the app offers everything any other meme generator has to offer. There aren’t any special features, but it makes sense as you can make memes whenever you want to. There are some annoying ads you’ll have to deal with and the app crashes sometimes. 

4. Meme Generator by ZomboDroid

ZomboDroid’s meme generator is one of the best meme maker app for Android as it offers a bunch of features. You can get a pro/paid version of the app which allows you to use the app without ads. You get over 1,000 meme templates, and you can still import your own images and GIFs to create the memes.

You can sort through memes using the search feature, categories. Plus, the app gets regular updates so you get regular access to new meme templates. 

5. Tumblr & Giphy

We couldn’t decide between the two options when it came to the last app on our list. Both of them do different things, Tumblr is a blog site that had a huge following in the past and Giphy is a library for GIFs. You can use both of them to create memes, and both of them can be considered the best meme maker app for Android. 

With Giphy, you can create GIF memes and Tumblr allows you to make image memes. These are the only two apps that offer internal meme generation tools that are stable.

Top Meme Creator App iOS

1. Mematic

When it comes down to making memes on an iOS device, the first app we can think of is Memetic. Memetic is a great meme generator across both OS platforms. With Memetic, you’d get access to existing memes and there are thousands of stock footage you can use to create memes. 

What makes Memetic the top meme creator app iOS, is that it’s fast, easy to use and you can create memes in just a few taps. The app itself is free to use, but you can get a pro version and access additional features. 

2. Meme Creator: Make Dank Memes

If you want one of the top-rated meme creator app that allows you to create memes in almost an instant, then Meme Creator is an ideal option. The apps contain all the recent meme templates and the old classic memes, all you have to do is find a template and use it to make a meme. The entire app is easy and simple to use, and you can create the memes of your choice in simple steps. 

The app is free to download and use. Although, there are many meme templates that you can get if you do an in-app purchase. 

3. Imgur

Imgur is the source of most memes and GIFs for all social media platforms. With Imgur, you’ll lose yourself to an endless series of memes and you can also make your own Memes. 

While there are chances that you may end up spending more time scrolling through Imgur instead of making the memes, it’s still a good option. You can even say that it’s one of the top meme creator app iOS. Just your text based on the template you choose and then save and share. The best thing about all of it is that the platform is completely free, there are no in-app purchases. 

4. Meme !!

While the name may be unimpressive, you can rest assured that the app is one of the top meme creator app iOS. With Meme !! you can get access to high res meme templates. When you add your text to the template, you get a series of customization options. 

That’s not all, you can also add frames, backgrounds, and fun stickers on the app. As you finish, you can share it on all the social media channels. The Meme !! app is free to download and use if you only want basic meme templates and functionalities. If you want more features, you can get them through in-app purchases. 

5. Memes Generator + Meme Creator

The final app on our list of top 5 meme creator apps for iOS is Meme Generator + Meme Creator. You can choose from millions of memes and GIF templates or import your own photos. You can create memes with almost little to no effort and you can add effects and stickers to the meme. 

If you want to make sure that no one steals the meme that you’ve created, then you can also add a watermark to the meme from the app. The Meme Generator + Meme Creator is completely free to use, but some features come with an in-app purchase. 

Conclusion: Top Meme Creator App

In the end, we can all agree that memes are great. And you can create as much as you want with the best free meme maker app on our list. Choose any of the memes and start working. Hopefully, this list of the best free meme maker app will end your search. Let us know in the comment box if we missed any apps.