Top 6 Tested PDF Shrinker Tools to Reduce PDF File Size

PDF (Portable Document Format) is indicated as the most useful format that works best for sharing and collaborating on different smart devices. However, if you decided to add some graphic content to a PDF file, then remember that file size can rapidly increase. This can make a file daunting even either for sharing and using. This is where you need to get an online PDF shrinker to shrink and reduce its size. 

Well, get ready to explore the best PDF shrinker tools that work legitimately to compress PDF swiftly. 

Read on!

Adobe Acrobat:

Adobe Acrobat is referred to as the best PDF shrinker software that helps in compressing PDF files without losing the quality. It provides you with an appealing PDF compression process to retain better quality.

Well, is the open-source utility that is typically well-known for its PDF one-stop solution. It offers you different online PDF converters that allow you to single or more PDF files conversions within no time. Its best PDF shrinker online makes it easy to shrink, reduces large PDF files into more optimized and smaller file sizes. The great thing about this PDF reducer is that the document layout and quality will remain even after PDF is compressed. Make a click here to begin compressing your PDFs. 


ILovePDF is the ultimate way to proceed with PDF compression. With this PDF shrinker, you could easily compress local files or also directly import your PDF documents from the integrated Google Drive and Dropbox cloud services. 

You are here getting three different levels of PDF compression:

  • Extreme Compression: it delivers high compression, but less quality
  • Recommended Compression: it keeps the balance between good quality and compression
  • Less Compression: it keeps the high quality for your PDF files, but little compression

If you do not aim to shrink PDF files online, then you could get an offline desktop version PDF shrinker to proceed.

PDF Compressor:

PDF compressor is the best and even instant way to reduce PDF file size. Once the pdf file is compressed, you could easily share or publish it on websites, socials, or email attachments. Unlike other tools, this PDF file shrinker does not distort the original Adobe PDF DPI and thus retains the print as well as zoom capabilities on a document. 

This free PDF reducer allows you to shrink multiple PDFs simultaneously for batch compression while preserving the original layout of the uploaded document. Once you have completed your PDP compression task, this free tool assists you to download an individual or bunch of files at once. 


Smallpdf is a well-known source for a seamless and streamlined PDF file workflow. Among different PDF tools, this site provides you with the best online PDF shrinker. The remarkable features offers for compression are:

  • Basic Compression: it comes with medium file size and considerable high quality
  • Strong Compression: it generates a small PDF file size with good quality

Additionally, the PDF file shrinker shows you the estimated PDF file size together with the compression level as a percentage. This site also allows you to reduce scanned PDF document size up to 144 DPI. 

Soda PDF:

Soda PDF is a website loaded with a high-quality, reliable PDF file reducer that is free to use. Also, it provides you with a paid desktop application for those who want a premium-level PDF compression solution. 

The upside is that this PDF compressor integrates with Google Drive and Dropbox for easy uploading. However, compressed PDFs will retain most of their layout quality and are even easy to email or upload. Remember that soda pdf serves many businesses at a great extent of level with the best Soda PDF Business Plan. This site offers some premium product that includes:

  • PDF management tools that packed with PDF compression, file encryption, and file format conversion

Wrapping it-up:

Get any one of the above-mentioned PDF shrinker software in your arsenal to avoid any hurdle corresponding to your PDF file size.