What is Taca Celic – Cab Service You Need to Know About


The Taca Celic cabs are simple, basic vehicles that anyone can use. It is not necessary to have any special skills or training to operate a Taca Celic. The Taca cabs are always white in colour, and the pickup trucks are usually white or light blue.

What is Taca Local ?

The Taca local is not a cab company, nor is it affiliated with any local cab company. It is a taxi driver’s trade organization. It is a system of taxi drivers who organize themselves into a group to gain better working conditions with bargaining power.

Taca cabs are independent drivers who belong to the local area. It is one of the most popular taxi systems in Latin America. Drivers who belong to the Taca local are called “Tacos”. Such drivers in the Taca local are expected to drive slowly, safely and cautiously.

When can I use a Taca Celic ?

You can simply use a Taca Celic cab facility while going to a small town where there are no taxi companies. These cab facilities are often used by those people who do not have access to the regular taxis or other transportation facility. These cab facilities can also be used by the disabled people who can’t be able to drive or walk to get a local taxi or other transport.

How does Taca Celic work ?

“Taca Celic” is a great means of transport for those who want to travel, without any noise or whistles, all around the city. These Taca cabs have four seats, which makes it a perfect option for traveling with families or friends together. 

Taca Celic pros and cons

Pros of Taca Celic:

  • Taca cabs are inexpensive because they are subsidized by the government authority.
  • A Taca cab doesn’t require a taxi permit.
  • These cabs are allowed to drive at any time, either in day or night. 
  • These cabs are allowed to pick up passengers anywhere, even in restricted areas.
  • These cabs are allowed to drive on any road, including highways.
  • Because of low-cost operation, it is the only transportation option for people living in poverty.

Cons of Taca Celic:

  • A Taca cab driver might have a poor driving, vehicle safety and customer service record.
  • A Taca cab driver might have a poor vehicle maintenance record.
  • A Taca cab driver might have a poor insurance record.
Taca Celic Drivers Right
  • A Taca Celic driver cannot be denied to charge more than the taxi rate.
  • A Taca Celic driver has a right to refuse a fare, if it endangers the driver, destroys the car, or financially hurts the driver.
  • A Taca Celic driver may refuse to get a tip from a passenger.

Fare Collection

When a Taca driver collects a fare, the collected money is split between the driver and the local. The said local is responsible for collecting and depositing the money. 

Vehicle Maintenance

Taca doesn’t do any vehicle inspection on their own. So it might be possible that the vehicle is not maintained well. A Taca Celic driver might have a poor vehicle maintenance record. Taca doesn’t offer any mechanical support to the drivers. These drivers have to find the mechanic on their own, and also have to buy the essential parts and perform any repairs themselves.


Taca doesn’t inspect its driver’s insurance record. These drivers may not have a good insurance record. These drivers must have to buy their own insurance and also have to collect the payment from the passengers themselves. Taca doesn’t give any support to its own drivers.


Taxis in the United States are regulated by the local government. The service  provided by different taxi companies has been licensed by the local authorities.

Taca Celics are taxi drivers from Latin America. It is a system of independent drivers who organised themselves into a group to get better working conditions with bargaining power.

These drivers have a reputation for being courteous, patient, and friendly to their passengers. Having local knowledge, especially about airports and hotels, passengers like to travel in the Taca local.