5 Advantages of Made in India Social Media Travel App

Are you planning to explore the picturesque mountain station in the north or the peaceful beach in the south? You need more than just a backpack and savings. You need to plan, research the destination, and then make a reservation and amplify your travel experience. 

If not, your trip will be destined to become a disaster even before you know it. 

If you don’t have time to prepare and plan, you can trust your smartphone. Yes, you heard that right; there is a made in India social media app that ensures an exciting and stress-free travel experience.

Explurger social media app elevates your travel experience with its AI technology. It has exciting features that help you keep a count of the exact miles, cities, countries, and continents you travel to the moment you share your pictures and videos. You can make your own bucket list of places you want to visit and later share it with your fellow travellers on Explurger. With this application, whenever you create a post, artificial intelligence automatically updates your personal travelogue. So you can travel stress-free from a mile to a city, country, or club. Travellers can also make use of “Live Countdown Timer” to excite the announcement of future travel plans.

5 Advantages of Made in India Explurger Travel App

Complete Travelogue: Explurger is your personalized travelogue. Whenever you publish something to the application, be it a photo or video and other media, AI automatically creates a personalized travel log, chronologically chronological with details of distance traveled, various cities, countries and continents.

Write a Bucket List: You like the place your friend has visited and want to visit there when you are there in the area next time. Leave it to Explurger, you just add the place in the bucket list of the app and forget about it. Next time you are near that place, it will display as a reminder and even offer you directions because of its inbuilt AI technology.  

Make Future Travel Plans: Make your future travel plans ‘Live Countdown Timer” settings in the app. With Explurger, you can tell the world about your travel plans even before you travel. All you have to do is choose a destination, insert the travel date, and click on the “spread”. A ‘Live Countdown Timer’ will start automatically.

Rise in Explurger Levels: To add an extra thrill to your travel experience, this fun social media app also comes with gamification features. That implies that every time you explore a place, the app will give you points. Once you have accumulated enough points, you advance to the next level. There is also a kudos feature where you can show your approval by giving your fellow travelers up to three Kudos for a post to express your likeness on the same.

Spread it everywhere: The app also has a feature that lets you share all your travel experiences on other social media apps including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more, with just one click as you post them on Explurger.
With many things to take into account, this new social media travel app will be your best travel companion. It will help you to be well prepared to travel with confidence.  If you are also looking forward to having the best time of your life – the Explurger travel app is the right app for all travel enthusiasts.  Apart from sharing pictures and videos, the app will document the exact miles, cities, countries, and continents traveled by them. So, download the app right now and have an unforgettable travel experience.