10 Social Media Apps that should be banned from usage

Social media has become very popular from elders to kids. All are busy in it. As social media is constantly updating from WhatsApp to TikTok. It can be harmful to you too, especially for your teen child.

Many social media apps are not suitable to use and can be toxic for you. So for this, there is a short guide on ten social media apps that should be banned from usage is fine.

Listed below are the app on which social media engagement is rapidly increasing and these apps need to get banned for the following reasons.


With millions of users, it is the most used app for clicking photos in different filters. However, this famous bubble messaging app does have its fair share of privacy and security issues that put many users’ privacy at risk. The disadvantages of the app are as given below.
Why it’s bad?
• The app was previously hacked in 2014, and a large number of personal photos are publicized
• There is a small window that may use to take the screenshots of snap and later exploit it.
Alternative app that is safe to use: snap speed


The most popular video-sharing apps and have almost 500 million users, a significant figure of users. While according to their policy, thirteen is the minimum age required to use this app. However, this app is not acceptable, and there are some disadvantages of using this app.
Why its bad?
• Anyone can easily access this app without verifying age that is not good for children because this app is not suitable for teens below 13
• Inappropriate languages are used in the app that is toxic for kids.
• The last and the big reason behind its ban is that accounts are public of users, so this means that all the videos you and your child upload get in touch with all the people using TikTok socially.
Safe alternative app for tiktok: Vigo video


This is the most incredibly used app in recent years, and according to the research, most teenagers are using this app. So for this, there are some key reasons behind it getting banned, which are as given below.
Why it’s bad?
• There is no appropriate age to use this app. This makes it harmful, especially for children.
• In addition, this makes it very easy for predators to get access to the children, and it is also widespread to hide their real identity from children and talk to them as a child.
• Due to this, many kidnapping and assault cases are linked to messaging relationships that begin on kits.
Safe alternative social media platform: Telegram


Instagram is the app that connects a user with the help of hashtags and a profile consisting of photos and videos only. So using the hashtags to find the inappropriate content posted by strangers is easy. So for this, there are some inconvenient points about this app given below
Why it is bad?
• Pedophiles use Instagram to contact young children and teens.
• It is dangerous for you and your child due to its harshen demographics.
• As it is more visual, so it is very easy for your child to be exposed to social content and some other harshen images.
• Fake influencers and life style can easily affect mental health.
Safe alternative social media platform: Flickr


Facebook comes at the top of the worst social media app. Yet, it is an app with millions of users, including features like messaging, uploading photos, videos and much more. There are some valid points against this app.
Why isn’t good?
• According to most researches, Facebook is purported to elevate suicidal behavior in over-sensitive people.
• It also urges narcissism and reveals information that you might not want to share.
• Daily you may hear about child pornography cases and posting that may lead to serious legal repercussions.
• In simple words, I recommend you not to use this app because this is the app that is indubitably not in good books.
Safe alternative social media platform: Next door


Almost all social media apps have some misuses, so there are also some harmful effects of using skype. It is a telecommunication software that enables you the world conversations.
Why it is bad?
• The one common reason it is terrible is that data breaches, viruses, and pedophiles are concerned with skype.
• This is also possible that the person you are talking to behind the walls is posing as someone else, and due to this, most of them ask for personal details like passwords, bank credentials, etc.
• There are big chances of transmitting viruses from one device to another by sharing thread-attached files or instant messages.
Safe alternative for skype: Viber

Ask. FM

This is just a question and answer platform, but it also has harmful effects. Using this platform, you can post anonymous question and comments to a user’s profile.
Why it isn’t nice?
• This dangerous platform does not offer parental control.
• Some people also make inappropriate use of its anonymity feature to ask vulgar questions and post offensive comments.
• A recent case was reported in which 12 years old girl attempted suicide and killed herself because of too many offensive comments.
Safe alternative social media platform: Pecord


Tinder claims to be a dating app, but you can say this is a one-night stand app. using this app, people choose their partners.
why it is bad?
• Scoundrels and addicts are using the app to find sex partners.
• In addition, if the user chooses each other as a partner on tinder, then the app enables the messaging feature for them to communicate with each other and plan meetups; however, it can be dangerous to meet and date strangers.
• This app is a minimum of 18 or above; however, many under ages are also using this app.
Safe alternative social media platform: Hinge


The line is not much popular app, and teens mainly use it. However, users can communicate with buddies in a free and fun way.
Why it’s wrong to use?
• The line users can quickly become the target of bullies, predators, pedophiles.
• The app also includes the hidden chat feature that induces teens to exchange their private information and inappropriate stuff.
Safe alternative social media platform: Instant messenger


The app allows you to chat with strangers. Teens mainly use this app. There are some main reason to consider this app inappropriate.
Why it’s bad?
• The app is recently reported for frequent sexual content, nudity and abusive language.
• there is no parental control
Safe alternative platform: Live me