How to See Deleted Reddit Posts & Recover Deleted Reddit Posts?


If you love to use Reddit, then you know frustrating it can be to not be able to see removed Reddit posts. All the users at least once have desired to see deleted Reddit posts Reddit. Reddit has over 52 million daily active users, and it’s the 9th most used social media app in the United States. If Reddit is part of your daily routine, then seeing deleted Reddit posts can hamper your experience. While most ordinary users know that there’s no way to see removed Reddit posts, it’s not necessarily true. A moderator or administrator of Reddit can delete posts or comments. This is why you may need external help to see deleted Reddit comments and deleted Reddit posts. 

To help you out with this problem, we have created this guide to help you find deleted Reddit posts with link. Let’s start on how to see deleted Reddit posts Reddit. 

See Deleted Reddit Posts or Find Deleted Reddit Posts

The ways to see Reddit view deleted comments are already limited, so you should know about every possible method. Here’s the complete guide:

1. See Removed Reddit Posts and Comments with Removeddit

Remoeddit is a website that helps you find deleted Reddit posts with link in real-time. Therefore, this unofficial service gathers all the deleted posts and helps you see them. You can use Removeddit to see removed Reddit posts, by calculating the missing posts from the visible posts by using the Reddit API. The Reddit API gathers all the posts to keep track of them. If you wish to use Removeddit, you can use it in 3 different ways, that includes:

  • Visit Removeddit Website:

If you can’t remember the subreddit of a specific post you want to see, then you need to visit, and scroll down the page to find the particular post. 

  • The URL Replacement Method:

There’s another way to use Removeddit to see deleted Reddit posts. All you have to do is use by replacing the URL with 

  • Through Bookmarklet:

If you visit the website of Removeddit, you will find a big red button on the “About” section of the website. If you often find yourself wanting to Reddit view deleted comments, then you should use this method. Add removeddit to your bookmark section, and whenever you see a deleted post or comment, click on the bookmark button. 

2. Recover Deleted Reddit Messages and Posts Using Reveddit

To see removed Reddit posts using Reveddit, you should follow the similar first two steps of Removeddit. However, Reveddit doesn’t allow you to search the users using their posts and comments, this is why more people prefer Removeddit. Although, to some people, Reveddit is more preferable to Removeddit. There are two main ways you can use Reveddit, these are:

  • Visit the Reveddit Website

The first and foremost step to “see removed Reddit posts” is to use Then you should find deleted Reddit posts by users, in the pop-up window, and you have to write a Reddit username and search for the deleted posts.

  • Use Reveddit Browser Extension

You can use the Firefox Browser Add-Ons page or Chrome Web Store Page to search for “reveddit real-time” about that page. When you install that extension, you will start getting notifications about the deleted posts on Reddit. 

See Reddit Deleted Posts by Using Google Cache

You can use this particular method with the help of caching service that Google provides itself. However, this method is only effective for most recently deleted Reddit posts and comments. To see the deleted Reddit posts using Google cache, you have to follow some particular steps:

  • Search the posts on Reddit by visiting
  • After getting the search results, you’ll see a downward-facing arrow under your name of posts. You should click on that arrow. 
  • From this list, you have to click on the ‘cached’ button. 
  • This will redirect you to the recently deleted Reddit post.

See Deleted Reddit Posts with Wayback Machine

Another option to see deleted Reddit posts is to use the Wayback Machine. If you don’t want to be dependent on other websites that use bookmarks, then the Wayback Machine is a great option for you. Wayback Machine is a great way to Reddit view deleted comments. Wayback Machine is a great website that takes up screenshots of all the websites on the web to preserve them. In order to use the Wayback Machine to see deleted Reddit posts, then you need to go through some particular steps:

  • Open the Wayback machine page by going to the
  • Here, you have to find deleted Reddit posts with link. It can find posts from any particular subreddit.
  • Then click on the “Browser History” button. 
  • To find out a specific page through the time, if you have the information, then you should use the calendar provided by Wayback Machine.