How to Know If You Have Real Designer Sunglasses or Knock Off?

You may wonder if your pair of designer eyeglasses or sunglasses are authentic or not. The suspicion arises when you buy it from a retailer instead of the official website of the brand. However, the following factors can help you decide if you have a genuine pair of eyewear. 


Usually, designer eyewear comes at a high price tag, and most often, they do not go on sale. Therefore, if you find a low price online glasses frames in Pakistan, the chances are that it is not an authentic pair. Most often, these brands keep their prices because of their high-quality materials. Also, they charge for the innovative designs and the hard work that goes behind the pair. These companies usually employ experts who pay heed to every article. On the contrary, lower-end brands or knock-offs do not have authenticity. In this way, the price of every pair of glasses or sunglasses rises.


You may have noticed that designer eyewear comes with intricate details. Usually, you can not find these designs in the local pairs because most companies handcraft them on the eyeglasses. These details highlight the vibe of the brand and give an authentic look to the glasses. Meanwhile, the designs on cheaper eyewear are not the same and they do not look as expensive. 

Designer pairs also come with costly embellishments, such as crystals and expensive stones. These additions elevate them and make them appear more high-end. Even though you can find good quality eyeglasses from the local brand, they do not offer expensive materials. That is why they offer their glasses at a lower price. Besides, their cat eye sunglasses for girls do not come with heavy embellishments and intricate details as a high-end designer brand. 


The lenses of designer brands are usually more weighted and high quality. However, you can also find lightweight yet durable lenses in their eyewear. They provide crisp and clear vision and come with thin coatings that prevent scratches. Also, they are not as reflective as a pair of cheap sunglasses. Most designer brands offer gradient lenses with their shades for an aesthetic look. Meanwhile, you can find monochromatic designs that come in one shade. Either way, they have a classy look and do not look cheap or of bad quality. 

The prescription lenses of designer brands also offer precise power options for optimum visibility. Most of them customize the prescription according to the needs of the user. Also, they adjust the dimensions of the frame depending on your face. You can also look for glasses from their website, where they feature the catalogs for customers. 


Designer brands employ high-quality and durable materials that stand the test of time. Your high-end pair of sunglasses can last a long time with proper care. Also, they often resist scratches and smudges because of the protective coatings. The high-end materials give these glasses an elevated look and make them appear sleeker. Most of these include titanium, metal, acetate, and high-quality plastic. These sturdy materials come in various shades and textures to give an authentic look to the pair. Besides, they also come in glossy and matte finishes, depending on the style of the glasses. 

Brand Logo 

Usually, designer brands have their logo etched on the lenses or the arms of the glasses. You can look for the brand name on your pair of shades or eyeglasses. However, if the brand name appears cheap or absent, you may have a knock-off pair. Some knock-offs also come with the brand name printed with poor-quality paint. You can scratch this logo with your nail and see if it comes off easily. In case it comes off, you probably have a fake pair of sunglasses. 

Sometimes, the name of the brand also comes embedded in the surface. You can see if the letters look neat and carefully embedded in your pair of sunnies. However, if they look messy and difficult to read, you may have a knock-off. 


Authentic designer glasses open and close smoothly and do not have any resistance in hinges. On the contrary, fake sunglasses do not open easily and you have to wear them a few times to become smooth. Also, sometimes they are too floppy and make the pair sit loose on your face. The high-quality articles from designer brands feature sturdy materials and a smooth finish. In addition, they craft the shades with utmost care and pay attention to every detail. Hence, the hinges on these sunglasses are not too tight or loose and give you a comfortable experience. 


Designer and high-end sunglasses often come in a high-quality case with a soft fabric. These premium quality vases have a sturdy finish to protect the shades inside them. Also, they usually have noticeable details, such as the brand name etched on the closing of the case. The writing on these cases and clothes does not look messy, and the letters have a perfect alignment. You may not be able to detect a knock-off at first glance. So, you can compare it with any other original casing. 


Most high-end sunglasses come in a high-quality box with details about the pair. You can look for the bar code on this box and scan it to find if the sunnies are original. Often the packaging also mentions the dimensions, size, color, and other details about the shades. Also, they have the name of the article written clearly on the outer box. You can examine this packaging to find any spelling mistakes, improper formatting, or incorrect details about the sunglasses. In this way, you can find out if the article is authentic by looking at the packaging.

These features can help you decide if you have an authentic pair of designer glasses. However, many people go for knock-offs because of their low prices. These glasses usually do not last as long and you may need to replace them after a while. That is why it is advisable to invest in a high-quality and authentic pair of sunglasses.