Types of Dance Forms, Health Benefits of Dancing

Dance Forms

Dance is an art performance. In this the movement of body perform on the rhythmic way or on songs. This performances used for the expressing ideas or emotions. It is also very helpful to releasing the stress or energy.

Dance helps people to be fit or be in size or shape. Dance can help to improve our fitness or muscle tones.

Health Benefits of Dancing Are:-

  1. Improve Lungs or heart conditions.
  2. Improve the muscular strength.
  3. Dance helps to manage weight.
  4. It helps bones to be stronger & reduce the risk of osteoporosis.
  5. Makes the body flexible
  6. Helps to improve mental and build physical confidence.
There are few questions which we have to re-confirm before choosing any dance style or dance forms.
  1. Do I want to improve my body fitness?
  2. Do I want to make my body flexible?
  3. Would myself prefer fast dancing or slow dancing style?
  4. Do I dance on my own or with a partner?
  5. Do I dance just for fun or love competition to face?

Lets talk about few types of dance forms which are in trend or top of the countries.

Top 10 Countries famous for their dance styles

  • Cuba is country where Salsa dance is very famous.
  • Shaolin Monk dance is famous in china.
  • Step dance which is famous in Ireland.
  • The Tap dance is very famous in USA.
  • In Austria, Waltz Dance is very popular.
  • Hopak dance in Ukraine.
  • Cancan dance in France.
  • Ballet dance is very popular in Italy.
  • Belly dance is performed in the middle east countries which is made Egypt and Turkey.
  • Tango dance is famous in Argentina.

Types of Classical Dance

1 . Bharatanatyam Dance

This dance form mainly performed by the southern side basically in Tamil Nadu but now its very famous dance form. Every one can perform with their flexible moves. Male & Female both can perform in this classical dance.

2. Kathakali Dance

This dance form takes their audience on a visual journey because the costumes and makeup. It is originated form of South Western India, the state of Kerla.

3. Kathak Dance:-

In Kathak, We mainly focused with the foot movements and this form give very emotional touch with the face features. The wear bells around the ankles called “gungroo”.

This dance formed originatedform of Northern India, Uttar Pradesh. The meaning of Kathak is to tell a story to the audience

4. Manipuri:-

Manipuri dance is formed with very graceful movements so smoothly performed. This portrays the scene from the life of lord Krishna. The manipuri dance originated from the manipur northeastern india.

5. Kuchipudi –

This dance performed with well controlled and peacefully. This dance style name Kuchipudi gets from the near bay of Bengal village mainly originate in the state of Andhra Pradesh. The people perform 28 hand mudras in this classical dance.

6. Odissi

The odissi is one of the oldest dance form in the India. Its originated from Odisha the performers wear wrapped saree.