Code: Steps to Link Plex TV Account

Plex TV application is a streaming service for users who want to stream content on almost any device. You can enjoy 50,000+ streaming content with on-demand titles and hundreds of premium titles. Plex TV is famous because they allow users to connect multiple devices with a single account so that users can watch whatever they want to watch, on whatever they device to watch it on. But to watch Plex TV on your TV, users need to activate Plex on all the devices to access device data. We have created this guide to help you how to link Plex TV account. Here are the steps to link Plex TV:

How Many Devices Can Be Linked with One Plex TV Account?

Plex TV allows users to link 15 devices at the same time with 1 Plex TV account. The users need to register all the devices with Plex to access the application data. If you try to register more than 15 devices on an account, the system will give you a warning that you have exceeded the limit of devices you can connect. If you want to connect a new device, then you’ll have to remove an existing device. So, if you’re not using Plex TV on a different device, then you should remove the device from your list. 

Plex TV application is a famous streaming service, and for almost all smart devices you can link it with the help of a link code offered by a particular device. Below we have outlined the process to activate Plex TV app on your device:

1. Install Plex TV Application

On your device which you want to use to watch Plex TV, the first step is to install the app. To do this, go to the app store on your smart TV, then search and install the Plex TV app on your device. If the app is already installed, then search for the app from your list and move on to the second step.

In this step, all you need to do is launch the Plex TV on your device. Here you will see the login button, and click on the same button. Enter your Plex TV account credentials to log in to the device. After you log in, a code will be displayed on the screen, you can save this code for future needs. 

3. Visit Plex TV Activation Page

To activate Plex TV on your TV, go to using a web browser of your smart TV device. This will take you to the login page of the Plex TV. Enter your login credentials again to activate the Plex TV app. 

4. Activate the Device

The final step to activate Plex TV on your TV, your login code needs to be activated. At the activation page, enter the activation code that you received earlier and then click on the continue button. Now you can stream Plex TV on your device.