Well, We can easily say it is the topic of debate in every generation and it will be till the end of time. And why not? Every teenager and their parents start grilling on their prospects especially in this competitive and technologically advanced environment. What jobs are better government or private it is one f the common question in the minds of parents and kids when it is time to think about their career? 

The best and foremost advantage of pursuing a career in government jobs is because of job security. Also, one of the reasons why it is not easy to bag one in your field of interest. All the government departments announce the job opening publicly and invite every candidate all over India to apply. 

Unlike private-sector jobs, you don’t have to go through a series of interviews to get the job. You can easily divide the selection process into two categories. The first part is consists of a written test, where they check your aptitude level, general information, and language skills. Eligible candidates can apply for one and the government has already provided detailed information on the exam structure. 

Those who clear the exams will advance to the next round which is a Personal interview. This is the second stage of the interview, Government always conducts the panel interview where they want to know more about the person’s behavior and their knowledge and skills for the applied job. If you clear the Interview you get the job and if you don’t you can still apply for a job next year.

Difference Between Government Jobs and Private Jobs

There are multiple differences between both types of jobs. Before you start walking in either one direction, you need to keep in mind that you are starting off your career. If you keep an open mind towards all the opportunities, you might end up getting a great job. Here are all the major differences between the job sectors. 

1. Recruitment

There is one common misconception among the students in India that Government job vacancies are rare and private jobs are better. Every Government job, be it state or central are announced prior on the websites and published in the newspaper to get a maximum number of eyes on the vacancy. If candidates keep on searching for opportunities, then you will find a lot of jobs.

The situation is not the same as in the private sector. Most private organizations don’t publish job vacancies on their website or in the newspaper. They either hire an outsourcing organization to hire a candidate for them or they hire internally. 

2. Salary Package

Salary is one of the biggest reasons for students to aim for private jobs as Private jobs offer huge sums to top executives. This is indeed true but it takes a lot of time to climb up to a position with a huge salary. Government sectors may provide much less in comparison to the private sector, but it offers better benefits. 

Increments for Government jobs are standardized, while private sectors have annual or semi-annual increments. 

3. Shit Timings

Don’t fall prey to the sweet dreams of flexible working hours of private-sector jobs. It’s more of a curse than a benefit, as you can’t plan your activities around the unstable working hours. 

Fixed working hours offered by the Government sector will help you plan your days as you want. Private jobs ask you to fill forms in advance if you want a day off or if you need your shift changed. 

4. Job Security

Every single person knows that Private jobs aren’t secure even if you are sitting in one of the top positions. No job is secure when it comes to the private sector. However, that’s not the case with Government sector jobs. Government jobs are 100% secure until and unless you commit some kind of fraud or illegal activity on the job or before the job. 

5. Leave and Holidays

This is another situation where the Private sector falls pale in comparison to the Government sector. There is a limited number of leaves in the private sector and they vary according to company policies. 

However, all government sectors do not work on Government holidays, which is better as you can spend quality time with your friends and family. The government sector has more holidays and employees can even take 1 month or 2 months leave.