Fashion Industry Types & Styles: You Should Follow


Fashion Industry is a huge business which is globally famous all over the world. This business works for making or selling the clothes. This also help people by investing in their traditions. #FashionRevolution

The word fashion was firstly use in the 14th century, fashion is used for How people can define themselves and others. Present Fashion is the “Fashion Revolution”.

Fashion Industry Types

Like the production of Raw materials of leather, fur, fibre and textiles, then the production of Goods which are used by designers to design the fashion, manufactures, contractor and when all works together and run their material as into the market of fashion, last but not least is the retail sales and then they have to show various forms of promotions and advertisements take place.

40+ Types of Styles Count in our Fashion Industry

Streetwear: –

This fashion comes in our daily life we can wear this in casually way.

Ethnic wear: – ethnic dresses helps to show the culture to every place these types of dresses share a historical tradition. It is also used as on festivals or occasionally.

Formal Wear: –

Formal dress is also coming under traditional western dress code category. Male can wear these formal clothes in offices, wedding and funerals also.

Sports Wear: –

Sports wear is also called activewear, this dress used for physical exercise. In this, soft fabric used to keep wearer very comfortable during exercise.

Girly Style: –

Girly style or girly term for girls only or women. Who dress with their choices and behave in very traditional manner like, wearing punk is comes under girly style, using make-up, etc.?

These are many other also such as goth fashion, military style, punk, modest fashion, rave fashion.