Digital Marketing: Types & Advantages of Digital Marketing in Business


Digital Marketing is used for promoting their brands on internet to connect with potential customers, . To promote any brand we can include every social media or email, web based advertising

There was a person named Philip Kotler. He is an american professor. He wrote more than 60 marketing related books, with the help of his efforts, he got praised as in establishing the marketing.

There are few types of marketing
  • The help people can introduce their company or convince to buy them
  • PPC (Pay per Click)
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing or Even a blogging is also the part of the digital marketing

Digital Marketing play a very vital role for the business-men to grow their businesses on the higher peak. It also helps student to give them chance to show some creativity and give best in their technical career. They have a chance to get many opportunity to grow.

There are few types of Digital Marketing assests:-

  • It helps in your website
  • Branded logos, icons etc
  • Some type of video ads, video content
  • Company photo’s or images to promote
  • Some types of blogs, writing content
  • We can build our social media pages of our brand or for our business

Digital Marketing Advantages

These are some Advantages of digital marketing that will help everyone to grow their businesses

  • Analysis the data with some strategies
  • With the google analytics we can record the track and get information of the exact number of users who have a look or viewed your website pages
  • Can track visitors on your business page with their location
  • We can see that how much time the users are spending on your sites.
  • The Digital Marketing helps to build the reputation of the brand and earn user’s trust
  • It helps to generate leads
  • Keep an eye on content performances


Digital Marketing is very nice platform for youth generation to make career or get high growth in technical field with showing their creativities.