What is Cloud Computing? Advantages & Disadvantages of Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing

 “In this Modern context cloud computing occurred on august 9,2006. Then google CEO Eric Schmidt introduced this to an industry conference”.

Now a days cloud computing is on demand availability of computer resources. In this we can store data and computing power without active management by the user. There are three services models of cloud computing:-

  • . (IAAS) – Infrastructure as a Service
  • . (PAAS) – Platform as a Service
  • . (SAAS) – Software as a Service

Cloud Computing refers to a collection of services which offer businesses a cost effective solution. It helps us to increase IT capacity and functionality.

If we talk about the future of cloud computing in our life it is expected to grow with an annual growth rate of 30% by 2020. Cloud Computing create more than million jobs in this county. The scope of cloud computing is very much bright. This is the perfect time to learn about cloud computing professional these days. After this pandemic period companies are actively in search of the candidates for cloud computing experts. You all can learn Cloud Computing for future growth. Let’s talk about some advantages and disadvantages of cloud computing for the coming period of time.


  • Any Business man can excess his cloud data by enterprises easily and quickly without dealing with backend technicalities.
  • It can easily Collaborate and share work among users in multiple location.
  • Cloud Computing Maximizes enterprise productivity.
  • A physical storage centre is no needed no hardwork required.


  • Before signing in cloud computing system you have to be sure that what you know about your cloud services provider offers.
  • In this service fewer servers are there to handle. So, which means less IT staff to handle.

There are some different cloud computing roles such as :-

  • Cloud Solution Architect
  • Cloud Engineer
  • Full Stack Cloud Developer
  • Cloud System Administrator

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